For the last three years  Carolyn Defrin has been researching the role of the arts for Hammersmith United Charities- investigating how a range of arts activities offer 'relief in need' for local communities. The following three works, exploring art and need in a variety of contexts, converged at St. Paul's Centre in Hammersmith Friday, 6th of July 2018 to celebrate the charity's 400th anniversary. Click on each work below to find out more.


Created by Carolyn Defrin

with filmmaker, Winstan Whitter and Hammersmith locals



This series of moving images layers Hammersmith locals with their own artwork and/or artwork they have chosen to place in their homes. The portraits also share responses to a question Carolyn asked about what art people would make if they had all the skills and resources they needed.

These portraits will be shown around Hammersmith throughout summer 2018, including on the Lyric Square screen and at Westfield Shopping Centre.

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Created by Carolyn Defrin

with filmmaker, Winstan Whitter, designer, Paul Burgess, and composer Matshidiso Mohajane and Hammersmith locals.

Compiled from interviews with local people and footage of the local area, this film installation reflects on a collectively voiced need for social cohesion at this fragmented moment in time. How do we navigate fracture and move between many pieces?

St. Paul's Centre 3-6th July 2018

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Created by Carolyn Defrin with Levitt Bernstein Architects and Petit Miracles.




This outdoor installation explores how creative questions in playful environments might inform the design process for an intergenerational housing scheme planned for Hammersmith.

Guests are invited to sit together on unique benches and swings to reflect on age.


Inspired by an interview between old and young, Moving Time continues a collaboration between Carolyn and Levitt Bernstein.

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Read more about their previous collaboration here: Remembering The Future

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