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Moving Between

An installation to commemorate Hammersmith United Charities' 400th Anniversary.

St. Paul's Centre, Hammersmith

2nd -6th July, 2018

Created and produced by Carolyn Defrin with filmmaker, Winstan Whitter, composer Matshidiso Mohajane, designer Paul Burgess

and Hammersmith locals: Sagal, Emma, Ben, James, Colin, Rayan, Howard, Mariana, Revell, Kate, Daniela, Ryszard, Shirley, Miku, Nick, Asia, Ron, Azelle, Clea, Daisy, Toni, Lucy, Agnes, Del, Elizabeth, Mila, Kune, Labake, Darren, Sara, Dylan, Abrahim and Melanie.

Installation build by Daniel Cheyne; sound mix by Yohei Sasaki

An eight-minute film, originally displayed across an installation of a house frame containing eleven screens, expresses multiple community views on the local area’s complex relationship to social cohesion. 

The online version of the film is composed with deliberate gaps. This offers a different way to experience both the simultaneity of several perspectives as well as metaphoric fractures and fragilities between people and place. 

The full film was originally experienced in a live installation across eleven screens.

Audiences were invited to wander between four house frame-like panels while listening and looking at different local perspectives in the film. Wireless headphones enabled audiences to roam freely between the panels, offering an agency to linger as long as one liked, to discover connections with one’s own perspectives, meet new ones and/or consider how their own is part of a cultural coming into being.

Documentary footage and photos from the installation in situ at St. Paul's Centre in Hammersmith

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