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Moving Time

Created by Carolyn Defrin with Winstan Whitter,  Levitt Bernstein Architects and Petit Miracles

Premiering at St. Paul's Centre for Hammersmith United Charities' 400th Anniversary, July 2018

This playful outdoor installation invited guests at Hammersmith United Charities' 400th anniversary  party to have a swing and have a chat. Guests could sit or swing with a friend or a stranger and discuss the question prompts.

Made in collaboration with Levitt Bernstein architects and Petit Miracles furniture upcycling social enterprise,  the installation explores how these casual conversations might inform the design of communal spaces in a new intergenerational affordable housing plan.

 A chance question asked between Toni and Colin, two participants working on the project, sparked intrigue for how we could facilitate casual and playful conversations across generations. 

The design aimed to communicate that while we might look in different directions, we are connected. Or, because we look in different directions, all the more reason we should stay connected.

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