Text for the Stage

The Balloon

Written by Carolyn Defrin

Battersea Arts Centre "Freshly Scratched Festival" London 2013
Barbican Theatre "Hack the Barbican"  London 2013



Written by Carolyn Defrin

Rabbit Hole Theatre, Embros Theatre, Athens, Greece, 2013 
Platform Theatre, London 2013



Literature for Children and Families

The Monster Weekly 

Co-written/produced by Carolyn Defrin and  John Francisco, Illustrations by Kyle BIce

A weekly blog featuring  original stories, poems and illustrations for kids and families about the extraordinary and ordinary lives of monsters. www.themonsterweekly.com


Susan Confused and Curly Q 

Co-written by Carolyn Defrin and John Francisco, Illustrations by Jacqueline Alcantara

A new  rhyming picture book for children about the difficulties of making choices.  Coming soon!



Carolyn Defrin ©2021

The Balloon

Image by Claire Blake