2021  Third Nature: Embodiment of borders and thinking beyond: Surviving despite capitalism, Dr. Elena Marchevska, Dr. Carolyn Defrin, Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices (forthcoming)

2021 Intra-vulnerabilities: An artistic strategy for co-creating culture and policy with communities, artists and funders PhD Thesis, London South Bank University

2018  Make More Art; An arts practice based policy for co-creating culture, Hammersmith United Charities 

2018 'Cabinet of Generosities: 'The Kissing Project'  Performance Research Journal, vol. 23, no. 6,

2013-14 The Monster Weekly created with John Francisco and Kyle Bice


2020  London South Bank University, Carolyn Defrin, PhD Arts and Creative Industries

2019  Exeunt Magazine, Kissing Rebellion 

2019  The Spy in the Stalls, Kissing Rebellion, a very special piece of theatre

2018  Critical Care Symposium, Digital Storytelling Network Remembering the Future

2009  Timeout Chicago, Carolyn in the City