2021  Finding Home  (forthcoming)

2021 Intra-vulnerabilities: An artistic strategy for co-creating culture and policy with communities, artists and funders (forthcoming)

         PhD Thesis, London South Bank University

2018  Make More Art; An arts practice based policy for co-creating culture, Hammersmith United Charities 

2017-2018 Online portfolio of practice: Remembering the Future, Moving: Time Between Portraits

2018 Cabinet of Generosity: The Kissing Project Performance Research Journal

2013-14 The Monster Weekly


2020 London South Bank University, Carolyn Defrin, PhD Arts and Creative Industries

2018 Critical Care Symposium, Remembering the Future

2009 Timeout Chicago, Carolyn in the City 

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Practice as Research

Informed by interviews with local people, policy makers and artists, these installations examine the ways in which vulnerabilities can be reframed with expertise and inform a methodology for cultural grant-making with people in need.

Remembering the Future,  Borough Road Gallery, St. Paul's Centre  2017

Made in collaboration with Levitt Bernstein Architects, local residents and designer Paul Burgess, this video and architecture installation examines how older people's memories of home and housing might inform future plans for an affordable intergenerational housing development in West London. Find out more

Moving Time, St. Paul's Centre 2018

Continuing the collaboration with Levitt Bernstein architects, this installation invited people of all ages to swing and chat together on colourful benches, discussing the possibilities for shared communal spaces in the new intergenerational housing plan.  Find out more.

Moving Between, St. Paul's Centre 2018

Made in collaboration with 33 local residents to Hammersmith, this 8-minute film was originally shown across an 11 screen installation to examine multiple views on a need for community cohesion. Find out more

Moving Portraits, St. Paul's Centre, Lyric Square, Westfield Shopping Centre;  2018

33 portraits of local people reframe art in relationship to need by asking what kind of art they might like to make or commission for the local area. Find out more

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