"...the ever-intriguing Carolyn Defrin" -Chicago Sun-Times

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Defrin brilliantly walks the line between troubled introvert and force of nature. The complexity of her character stirs up many questions about the way myths are constructed and destroyed in our attempt to explain the inexplicable.” –Miami Herald (The Sparrow, The House Theatre, 2011)


"...a superbly acted production, which avoids clichés by choosing to approach this most familiar of stories with a glancing blow...You hear it most of all in the narrative choices made by Carolyn Defrin's older Scout, who recounts the events in Maycomb, Ala., in 1935, as if she still does not, even now, entirely know how to process them." –Chicago Tribune (To Kill A Mockingbird, Steppenwolf Theatre, 2010)

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