28 Days Greater
28 short films revering the powers of the menstrual cycle


Created by Carolyn Defrin
Filmed + Edited by Rosie Powell

Music by Callum Grant 
(featuring additional music by Adeola Yemitan and Kevin O'Donnell)

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sample title cards that will show on each film

the films

1. (un) expected surrender

2. be with the pain

3. sink in

4. do nothing

5. revelation: stardust

6. swim up salmon

7. feet on land

8. running with

9. re-joining

text change, will read: 'we meet where we left off' instead

10. building light

11. what do we see?

*text is changing to 'what do we see' 

12. the past will provide

13. period piece

14. i feel fantastic

15. on all cylinders

16. with and for you

17. in the garden of fuck up and apology

18. passing crowns

19. invisibility

20. over-exposure

21. suspend

22. eat the whole thing

23. rage

24. fight

film missing- but you can listen to the music below

24. Fight song

25. cry

26. taking stock

27. return

28. prepare to surrender/ hidden track

text will be re-designed like the others