Kissing Rebellion

Kissing Rebellion aims to bring more love into the world.

We do this by gathering people together to listen and share stories of meaningful kisses;

And by making art in response that celebrates our

shared humanity and exquisite differences.


Inspired by messages of love following the Paris attacks in 2015, collaborators and long-time friends Abigail Boucher and Carolyn Defrin gathered friends around international dinner tables, to audio-record stories that began with a kiss.

After receiving commissions from London's Ovalhouse and Albany theatres in 2019, the project has since developed into an original theatrical production and an accompanying installation.

The project now continues to develop during the CoVid outbreak as an online platform for continued story sharing. Stay tuned for information about The Kissing Library coming soon...

Read more about Defrin & Boucher's collaboration in Performance Research Journal's November, 2018 edition 'On Generosity.'


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Commissioned by Ovalhouse in London, 

Kissing Rebellion is a new theatrical production that 

premiered in November, 2019. 

Created by Carolyn Defrin & Abigail Boucher


in collaboration with:

Movement direction/Matthew Rawcliffe

Scenic design/ Connor Bowmott

Lighting design/ Joe Hornsby

Original music/sound design/ Mikhail Fiksel

Asst. sound design/ Fanis Sakellariou 

Producing Manager/ Ashleigh Bowmott


Karen Callaghan, Carolyn Defrin, Manjushri Jones, Olivier Leclaire, Matthew Rawcliffe, Luke Elliott, Juliette Tellier, and Yemurai Zvaraya.


Photos and video by Rosie Powell

(with additional archival video by Winstan Whitter)

Read more press here 

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Kissing Call InKissing Rebellion
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KISSING REBELLION is also installation


Commissioned by the Albany Theatre in  London, 

the installation was exhibited in Deptford Lounge in November, 2019

Patrons of Deptford Lounge (a local library and community space in South London) were invited to listen to kissing stories from local people, and to engage with some of the questions we have asked in our story collecting since 2015. 


Listen to hundreds of kissing stories from around the globe and add your own to the collection.

(Coming soon...)

Kissing Library


Read more

Performance Research Journal, November 2018 vol. 23 no. 6

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