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Teaching Artist; Hambach Germany September 2018

Working with Matchbox and German director, Leonie Kubigsteltig, I co-led a workshop with young people to investigate the way artistic interventions might lead to conversations and questions about democracy. Throughout the week, the students (hailing from Macedonia, Albania, Brazil and Germany) explored what democracy meant to them and what questions they might like to ask other people. As part of the Hambach Festival, which honoured the 1832 gathering for democracy, the students tested their interventions out on the festival attendees. 

Intervention 1- Dancing

The young people placed a number of questions on a board and invited guests to choose a question, place it on their forehead and have a dance. The questions could then be discussed while dancing. 

Intervention 2- Interactive Signage

The students designed numerous signs for guests to contribute to and consider throughout the festival

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